Twins & Tandems Zoom

The look with a difference

Elegant leather design for pushbar, guard rail and sun canopy
See the special edition Style

I'll add a splash of colour to your life

Create your own personalised dream pushchair for your baby

Let yourself be inspired by a wide range of coloured fabrics. Let your creativity run wild with our range of sets and create the pushchair you always dreamed of.

Change sets

You can fight the elements with me

Have fun in the rain

The weather is not always reliable. But your pushchair is. The sun can take a break thanks to these waterproof covers.

We ensure your safety

So you can be seen well at night

Enjoy the freedom of moving safely at day and at night. Thanks to the clearly visible reflective strips affixed to the pushchair, you and your baby will be immediately recognised at nightfall and in the dark.

I'll protect you

Perfectly protected from the sun

Summertime strolls are what we all enjoy the most. That‘s why it is essential to be protected against the sun‘s intense heat. The spacious sun canopy on the pushchair offers your baby a protected spot in the shade.

You can sleep soundly in me

Eyes closed, pushchair transforms

The world is an exciting place, but babies are not fit to discover anything unless they get enough sleep. In combination, the adjustable backrest and the height-adjustable footrest will send your baby off to sleep.

I'll make it easy for your parents

For your little one to get in and out easily

Forget about those nuisance bumper bars always getting in the way. Our easy-to-remove bumper bar makes getting in and out of the pushchair child‘s play! An added comfort for infant and parents without neglecting the safety factor.

I think of Mummy and Daddy too

We also take your body height into account

Whether tall or short - nobody has to suffer from a bad posture when pushing our strollers. Thanks to the height-adjustable handlebar, the pushchair can be perfectly adapted to your body size.

I'll support you

Healthy posture for your baby

Regardless of whether your infant is discovering the world in sitting or is sound asleep. The adjustable backrest ensures an ergonomic sitting and lying position, optimised for your baby‘s comfort.

I'll discover the world with you

Your baby has everything in its sight

We think a one-way view of the world can become boring. That's why we designed our seat units so that they are child's play to reverse. Your baby can either discover the world around or face you when laughing, playing or sleeping.

We can make ourselves small

Your pushchair can fit into the smallest car boot

Not every car boot offers enough space to transport a pushchair. All our pushchairs can be folded up to save on space. To achieve an even more compact size, the wheels are also easy to detach.

I'll be your travelling companion

Your baby can always be with you

Travelling by car is a part of your journey? Then simply take your car seat with you. In just a few simple steps, the seat can be mounted to the pushchair to transform it into a practical travel system. Our choice of adapters allows you to use different car seats.

Every day an adventure with you

Nothing comes in the way of your ride

A walk into town can become a real hurdle. A slalom run in the supermarket or an obstacle course in the city centre? No problem for you - the swivel wheels on your pushchair ensure ultimate manoeuvrability even on the tightest bends.

We are your happy travelling companion

Optimum ride comfort for you and your baby

It can be hard work pushing a stroller. But not with ours. Fitted with ball bearings, our wheels run particularly smooth and efficient. The integrated wheel suspension also ensures added comfort regardless of uneven, rough terrain.

I'll stop the world for you

Only stop when you want to

Time for a break? The practical and easy-to-operate parking brake prevents the pushchair from rolling away when applied. Once you want to set off again, it is easy and quick to release.

I'll look after you

Perfect support and protection for your baby

Don't worry if your little sunbeam just can't keep still. With the 5-point harness, your baby is optimally secured from falling or slipping out of the pushchair seat.

Safety on the move with you

Your pushchair is always safely stowed away

Fighting to fold up your pushchair? Not any more! With our pushchair, you simply fold, click and you're finished. When folded up, the transport lock ensures an efficient, safe and comfortable transport of your pushchair.

* Products subject to change


- Informations
Developed and presented by ABC Design, the Zoom is the smallest double/twin buggy on the German market. It is also ideal for siblings a few years apart, with its various attachments and multi-purpose combinations (sport seat, hard carrycot, Group 0+ car seat). The two stroller attachments supplied with the product can be turned to face in either direction. Depending on the mood of the children or parents, the seats can be mounted so that they face in or against the direction of travel. The little passengers can sit one behind the other or facing each other. The telescopic handlebar is height-adjustable. The stroller attachments are also extremely flexible and adaptable, with the angle of recline on the backrest optimised for the health of the infant spine. The Zoom can be converted to a travel system in combination with a Group 0+ car seat and the correct adapter. It is compact when folded for ease of use and practicality. The transport lock secures the folded buggy during transport.Instructions for use (PDF 0.93 MB)
Loved by parents Award 2015 - Zoom
Loved by parents Award 2015 - Zoom
Loved by parents Award 2015 - Zoom
Loved by parents Award 2014 - Zoom
Mommy award 2013 - Zoom
Best baby and infant product Award 2009 - Zoom
+ Details
Special featuresLightweight aluminium frame
Hood with viewing panel and integrated sunshade
Dummy clip on strap
Stroller attachments with adjustable angle of recline
Compact when folded
Transport lock
Washable cover
Can be converted to a travel system with the hard carrycot Doozy and correct adapter
RecommendationFrom birth
Maximum weight30 kg
Hard carrycotYes - available as accessories
Compatible withABC Design Risus (with adapter)
ABC Design Doozy (with adapter)
Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton 3 (with adapter)
Maxi Cosi Citi SPS, CabrioFix, Pebble (with adapter)
Römer BABY-SAFE plus SHR II, BABY-SAFE plus II, BABY-SAFE plus (with adapter)
+ Dimensions
Assembled (L x W)110 x 63 cm
Pushbar height96 - 103 cm
Folded (L x W x H)92 x 63 x 42 cm
Carrycot dimensions (L x W)80 x 36 cm
Stroller attachment seat dimensions (L x W)23 x 35 cm
Stroller attachment backrest dimensions (W x H)30 x 48 cm
Gross weight with sport seat(with two sportseats) 17,3 kg
Gross weight with hard carrycot(with two carrycots) 19,0 kg
+ Functions
  • Water-repellent


  • Reflectors


  • Sunshade


  • Height-adjustable footrest

    Height-adjustable footrest

  • Detachable guard rail

    Detachable guard rail

  • Height-adjustable pushbar

    Height-adjustable pushbar

  • Backrest


  • Reversible seat unit

    Reversible seat unit

  • Detachable wheels

    Detachable wheels

  • Car seat

    Car seat

  • Swivel wheels

    Swivel wheels

  • Suspension


  • Parking brake

    Parking brake

  • Ball bearing

    Ball bearing

  • Five-point harness system

    Five-point harness system


Risus Group 0+ car seat

Accessory - Risus Group 0+ car seat

Hard carrycot Doozy

Accessory - Hard carrycot Doozy

Hard carrycot Zoom

Accessory - Hard carrycot Zoom


Accessory - Adapters


Accessory - Boot

Sunny parasol

Accessory - Sunny parasol

Sun protection

Accessory - Sun protection

Diaper bag Fashion

Accessory - Diaper bag Fashion

Diaper bag Classic

Accessory - Diaper bag Classic


Accessory - Raincover

Universal cupholder

Accessory - Universal cupholder

Diaper bag Courier

Accessory - Diaper bag Courier

Organizer Classic

Accessory - Organizer Classic

Change set

Accessory - Change set

Foot muff

Accessory - Foot muff

Seat liner

Accessory - Seat liner


Accessory - Blanket
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