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Carrycot Salsa, Zoom
graphite grey 91295 701

The perfect extra component for your pushchair.

By opting for the carrycot accessory, you can transform your pushchair into a newborn pram in an instant. The generous pram base with its soft mattress assures your baby of the best ride, from birth onwards. Comfort and protection are also provided by the integral canopy with its air-permeable rear section, which allows fresh air to circulate. The carrycot can be folded down easily to a compact size for transport. 

I'll protect you

I'll protect you

Perfectly protected from the sun

Summertime strolls are what we all enjoy the most. That‘s why it is essential to be protected against the sun‘s intense heat. The spacious sun canopy on the pushchair offers your baby a protected spot in the shade.

I provide fresh air

Your baby is perfectly protected from heat

Your baby can’t regulate his own body temperature yet. Hot summer temperatures can so quickly become a risk. Good ventilation and a supply of fresh air are vital. The folding canopy of the carry-cot ensures optimum air circulation and protects your baby from heat build-up.

I provide fresh air
Have a good night

Have a good night

Healthy sleep for your baby

Sleep is important for your baby. But the cot is not always handy when eyelids start to drop. Ideal for both quick naps and overnight sleeping – with our carry-cot, you can be sure that your baby finds relaxing sleep on the go. A soft padded mattress, a completely flat position and optimum air circulation through ventilation slits in the carry-cot base and the folding rear canopy provide just the right conditions.

I‘ll make myself disappear

Comfort all round, even in handling

Your baby will feel and enjoy the comfort of our carrycot on every outing. Parents will find out how comfortable and convenient it is when moving it from place to place. It folds flat and reduces to the minimum quickly and easily. It goes from big to really small in just a few simple steps, taking up very little space in any car.

I‘ll make myself disappear

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Important data and facts

Dimensions (l x w x h) 80 x 41 x 64 cm
Carrycot dimensions (l x w) 78,7 x 37,7 cm
Gross weight 5 kg

Instructions for use

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