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Do you want to take your baby out for some fresh air even when it’s raining? The rain hoods supplied by ABC Design do not contain chemical plasticisers and offer the best protection. We can supply various sizes of rain hood to fit all the prams, pushchairs, buggies and the car seat Tulip in our current collection. Come rain, come shine - you and your baby will be well equipped to cope with all weathers.

ABC Design Raincover Avito, Okini, Ping, Limbo
Order no 12000351002

Raincover Avito, Okini, Ping, Limbo

  • Avito
  • Mint
  • Ping
  • Limbo
  • Okini
ABC Design Raincover Salsa, Condor, Turbo, Viper
Order no 12001811002

Raincover Salsa, Condor, Turbo, Viper

  • Salsa 3/4/4 Air
  • Condor 4/Air
  • Turbo 4/4 T/6
  • Viper 4
  • Tereno 4/Air
ABC Design Raincover Zoom
Order no 12000371002

Raincover Zoom

  • Zoom
  • Zoom Air
ABC Design Raincover Tulip
Order no 12002041002

Raincover Tulip

  • Car seat Tulip group 0+