The 2in1 i-Size car seat Aspen brings your child safely & comfortably to its destination and is characterized by its long service life

You can adjust the car seat to suit the needs of your child. In the beginning, you fasten your little one in with the 5-point safety belt. The child seat is firmly connected to the car with the Isofix connector system. In addition, the Top Tether attachment provides even more safety. You can easily adjust the seat angle to a comfortable resting position with one hand. If your child is older, simply remove the seat reducer and use your car's 3-point belt to fasten the seat. The clever belt guide system prevents the belt from slipping and twisting. You can adjust the headrest to your child's height with 7 different height settings. The soft, breathable seat cushions and the integrated ventilation system ensure a pleasant sitting climate even on hot days. In the event of a side crash, the stable side impact protection distributes the resulting forces evenly and thus reduces them. Your child's head, upper body and pelvis are thus even more protected.

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asphalt Diamond Edition
1200264 2003
Child seat Aspen i-Size Geeignet für Kinder von 76 - 150 cm, 15 Monaten - 12 Jahren


Suitable for children from 76 - 150 cm, 15 months - 12 years, Corresponds to Group 1/2/3

Child seat Aspen i-Size

Grows with you

Comfort headrest and seat cushion adapt perfectly to your child’s needs

Child seat Aspen i-Size

Resting position

Adjustable seat angle in every age group for a comfortable resting position

Child seat Aspen i-Size


More safety for your child in the car thanks to the latest safety standard, i-Size

Long service life

The height-adjustable headrest can be perfectly adjusted to your child’s body height in one easy hand movement. You can also adjust the padding in the head, back and chest areas according to your child's needs. As soon as your little one is big enough, simply remove the seat reducer from the seat.

Lange Nutzungsdauer
Höchste Sicherheit und Stabilität

Superior safety and stability

The Aspen child seat meets the latest i-Size safety standards. The 5-point harness system, the integrated Isofix connector system and the additional top tether attachment ensure your child arrives at their destination in safety and comfort.

ABC Design Child seat Aspen i-Size

Maximum comfort

The practical resting position prevents your child's head from falling forward during sleep. This means the head always remains in the headrest’s protection zone and guarantees a safe and comfortable sleep. You can adjust the child seat to different sitting positions in one easy hand movement, even when your child is sitting in it. This comfort function is suitable for all age groups.

Maximaler Komfort
Sicher und Smart

Safe and smart

As soon as your child is big enough, you can strap your little one in using the car's 3-point safety belt. The clever guide system for the vehicle belt prevents it from slipping and twisting. Thanks to the height-adjustable backrest, it’s always in the right position and does not disturb your child. The belt sits comfortably on the shoulder for optimum safety.

ABC Design Child seat Aspen i-Size

For big kids too

The Aspen child seat has a particularly wide fit compared to other seats. This guarantees superior seating comfort and safety even for older children. You can adjust the seat exactly to your child’s needs using the variable insertable padding.

Child seat - Auch für die Großen
Mit einem Wisch

With one wipe

It can happen so quickly: sometimes a drink bottle falls over, or a chocolate biscuit gets lost. Fortunately, you can clean the child seat’s fabric easily with a cloth. Of course, you can also quickly remove the cover and wash it in your washing machine in the ‘hand wash’ cycle.

ABC Design Child seat Aspen i-Size
Child seat Aspen i-Size Sicherheit

i-Size: More safety for your child in the car

The EU safety regulation ECE R 129, or the i-Size standard, brought a new, more stringent child seat standard into force which takes into account the latest developments and findings in the field of child safety in cars. It aims to ensure the child’s protection and safety in the vehicle is at its optimum possible extent. It supports the head and neck area and offers significantly more protection in case of frontal and side impact. The new Aspen child seat is designed according to all these criteria and meets the i-Size standard. With its safety and comfort features, it ensures that your child experiences every journey safely, comfortably and trouble-free.

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You can check if the car seat Aspen i-Size fits into your car here.

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Dimensions (l x w x h) 52 x 44 x 82 cm
Total weight 12,8 kg

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