Tulip footmuff for infant carriers

Even if the temperatures in winter are sometimes icy, for safety’s sake you should leave winter jackets off when travelling by car. Thick winter clothing prevents the seat belt from fitting snugly round the child's body. The softly lined ABC Design footmuff keeps your baby comfortably warm during winter journeys without compromising the protective harness system’s functionality. It was specially designed for use in car seats. The footmuff can also be used as a cosy inlay for the pram’s carrycot. Built-in slots for the belt guide allow the harness system to be securely attached. The footmuff is then closed over the belt by means of the zipper up the middle. The hood can be adjusted via a drawstring and thus optimally protects your baby’s sensitive head against cold and draughts. The foot area can be opened separately. Cuddled up in the ABC Design footmuff, little ones can enjoy a comfortable and safe journey even in the cold season.

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