Mosquitoes and insects get everywhere in the summer. The little pests even find their way into the car. With the ABC Design Tulip mosquito net you reliably protect your baby in the car seat against annoying and dangerous midges, insects and mosquitoes – inside and outside the vehicle. The fine-meshed, tear-resistant and robust fabric provides all-round protection for your baby from stings and bites, even from the smallest insects, with optimum ventilation, air circulation and visibility for your child at the same time. The robust mosquito net adapts to any shape with a secure hold thanks to the elastic cord. The mosquito net is light, can be compactly stowed away, is quickly ready for use, easy to care for and is therefore suitable for taking everywhere you go. A practical and flexible accessory for your baby seat; not only for a relaxing summer at home, but also for the optimal protection of your child on holiday.

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