Mirror, mirror on the wall: Which stroller is the best of all? How nice would it be, if the search for the right pram could be answered, just like in Snow White's fairy tale, simply by asking the mirror, however it's not quite that easy. Nowadays there are many different prams on the market and each one of them has a different special feature. But how do you find the right pushchair for you and your individual needs? We wouldn't be ABC Design if we didn't have the right solution for you: To make your search easier, we have compared our ABC Design pushchairs to help you find out which pram is the best for you and your lifestyle.

It is important to know that there is no such thing as the "perfect pram" that is made for everything and everyone. There are rather small differences making a pushchair suitable for your individual needs. Which one that is, is completely up to you to decide.

Cruise with ease through the city with the ABC Design Limbo stroller

The ABC Design Limbo is the ideal pram for the city. Its small wheels make it particularly manoeuvrable, so that even dense crowds in the inner-city are no problem for the stroller. Thanks to its low weight, even hopping on and off the bus or train will be managed with ease. Extremely practical: Using just one hand, the pushchairs compact frame can be folded down easily. The handy trolley function allows you to carry it fomfortably or easily pull it behind you. Ideal if your little adventurer wants to discover the world on his own.

ABC Design Ping pushchair - Travelling has never been easier

Like the Limbo, the Ping pushchair is also suitable for trips into the city, with the benefit of its manoeuvrability and low weight. Its great strength however is in travelling. Do you love going on vacations? Then the Ping is your ideal travel companion. It can be effortlessly folded down to hand luggage size and even finds enough space in the planes hand luggage compartment. This makes travelling by car, plane or train extremely comfortable. Despite its compact design, the Ping doesn't compromise in terms of comfort: You can adjust the padded seat to a completely flat reclining position in which your child can comfortably relax during an excursion. If you like vacationing in the warm sun, the generous sun canopy provides sufficient shade and protects the child's sensitive skin from strong sun rays up to UPF 50+.

Dance through your everyday life with the Salsa 4

The next in line is our ABC Design Salsa 4. The Salsa 4 is a dynamic and lightweight stroller and is therefore perfect for the bustling urban habitat. Thanks to its big wheels, strolling through the city and walks in the park become a real pleasure. It also allows you to walk carefree over somewhat rougher terrain. The Salsa 4 is a 2 in 1 pram, which accompanies your child from birth and grows with them: At the toddler stage you can simply swap the carrycot for the sports seat. In the large basket at the bottom of the pram you have enough space for your shopping and important baby utensils. 

With the Samba nothing can stop you

New in the ABC Design family is the 2 in 1 Samba stroller. The Samba is extremely lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to steer. Thanks to the puncture-free air chamber wheels, the Samba masters every terrain. And with its compact folding size, it is also ideal for cars with smaller boots. If you are in a rush, you can also fold the Samba all-terrain pushchair together with the sports seat, no need to separate them. The Sambas standalone function offers you maximum comfort, meaning that the stroller stands completely on its own. Not only is it stored more neatly, you can also pick it up comfortably without having to bend down. Great for taller parents: The foot brake of the Samba is located directly on the right rear wheel. This eliminates the need for a rear axle and ensures a comfortable legroom when pushing.

Over rough and smooth with the Salsa 4 Air

The Salsa 4 Air is the robust allrounder among our strollers and finds its usage in the city as well as in the countryside. The Salsa 4 Air stroller combines the positive features of the Salsa 4 with the advantages of large air wheels. These support the suspension of the pushchair, resulting in maximum driving comfort even on rough terrain. The robust frame provides sufficient stability for your outdoor walks. The Salsa 4 Air can also be categorised as a convertible pram. As with the Samba stroller, you can easily swap the carrycot with the sports seat with ease.

Off-road? No problem for the Viper 4

Do you love nature? Then our ABC Design Viper 4 pram is just the thing for you. With its stable frame and the large air wheels it is not only versatile but also perfectly made for excursions into the great outdoors. As already mentioned with the Salsa 4 Air pushchair, the air-filled tyres provide additional support for the prams's suspension. Our advice: Do not pump up the tyres too much, otherwise the springy effect of the wheels will be limited. With the Viper 4, even cross-country walks across the field are no longer a challenge for you.

The Zoom makes every adventure twice as fun

And finally in our ABC Design pushchair comparison: The Zoom double pushchair. Ideal for families with twins or small siblings. Its compact design is a bonus in confindes spaces and lets you overcome narrow paths with ease. Depending on the age of your children, you can individually combine different seat units such as the Zoom carrycot and the sports seat. What is especially great: The seating units are convertible. This way, you can decide for yourself whether your children should look at each other during the ride, discover the world with their own eyes in the direction of travel or bring a smile on your face whilst sitting in parent facing mode.

Small and full of surprises - The Migno doll's pram

Psst! Did we say the Zoom twin pushchair is the last ABC Design stroller in our comparison? Strictly speaking, it is, but we have something special up our sleeves: The Migno doll's pram. Especially for little doll parents, the ABC Design Migno is every bit as good as the larger models in terms of functionality and quality. It offers all the things the big strollers can do, but only in small. The chic design is guaranteed to make children's hearts leap for joy. And what could be better than beady children's eyes when walking togehter with sibling and Dolly?

Discover your ABC Design pram now! Here you can find the prams in many different beautiful designs.