The days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising – summer is finally here. The beautiful weather literally drags us outside and for families in particular, a joint family trip is a welcome break from everyday family life. Wheter it's a visit to the seaside, atrip to the zoo or a stroll through town with a huge ice cream cone in hand, the warm rays of sunshine spread a happy mood and invite us to try all kinds of outdoor activities. Especially as a family with small children, you want to be properly equipped for every weather possible. But what do you need to get through the summer as comfortably as possible?

The perfcect protection from strong sun rays

A day trip to the zoo is coming up. The sun is shining, your kids are in a great mood and are looking forward to the trip to see the animals. Once you arrive there, you'll be out in the fresh air all day long and will therefore be almost permanently exposed to the suns hot and strong rays. Unlike an adult, a child's skin is extremely sensitive and thus much more likely to get a severe sunburn. Of course, your pram also has a hood, with which you can protect your child from the sun. But as curious as children always are, they like to see everything at once and discover their surroundings with their own eyes. If you pull the sunshade far down to provide optimal protection from the sun, the hood might block your little one's view. The good mood then quickly gives way to sad tears. This is where a parasol for the pram proves to be extremely useful. Quick and easy to attach to the frame of your pushchair, your ABC Design parasol Sunny provides sufficient shade, protects against dangerous sun rays up to UPF 50+ and still gives your child a good view of the surroundings.

Ideal protection from the rain

The summer invites us to take long walks in the blooming nature. But what if you are surprised by a sudden downpour far from home? At first, the rain certainly is a welcome cooling, but if you are still out for a while, the damp can quickly lead to a cold for your child. A rain cover specially designed for the pram is ideal for this purpose. The ABC Design raincover can be easily attached to your pram and offers your child sufficient protection. Thanks to the transparent material, your little darling has a good view of the outside despite the cover and can explore nature even in the rain. If you don't need the rain cover, you can stow it in the pram's basket until the next summer rain.

You can also equip your baby car seat with a rain cover. The ABC Design raincover Tulip can be quickly and easily attached to the car seat. Thus, your baby is always protected from the rain. Really useful when you have your car seat attached to the pram chassis.

Reliable protection from insects

The warm and sunny weather not only lures us humans outside, but also insects out of their hiding places. Flower fields, parks and the own garden are buzzing with activity. Even in the city, bees and wasps are attracted by the sweetly enticing scent of ice cream and other treats. As useful as these busy little helpers are for nature, the less you like to have your child in the direct vicinity of bees, mosquitos and co. For these purposes, it is always worth having a mosquito net for the pram at hand. With our ABC Design mosquito net, you can protect your baby from even the smallest insects. The fine-meshed, tear-resistant, and robust fabric provides all-round protection for your baby while ensuring ventilation, air circulation and visibility for your child at the same time.

If you have converted your pushchair with the baby car seat into a travel system, you can use the matching ABC Design mosquito net Tulip. Thanks to the elastic cord, it fits the shape of the car seat without gaps and offers secure hold. Stowed in a backpack or one of our stylish ABC Design diaper bags, it is quickly ready for use.

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